2015 Prom Hairstyles Have More Bang For the Buck

Your 2015 Prom Hairstyle is just about the most important part of your prom regalia. Alongside a beautiful gown and some fancy jewels it’s your hairstyle that says most about you.

2015 Prom HairstylesSo you need a prom hairstyle for 2015 that makes a statement.

And everything has to be perfect for that once in a lifetime magical night.

Choosing the Hairstyle

After finding that awe inspiring dress, getting the hairdo to enhance the look is the next most important thing. The right hairdo will bring your look all together. A prom hairstyle should make you feel elegant and confident. You don’t want a high maintenance hairdo that has you in the powder room all night. A simple elegant hairstyle that fits your personality and look is what you are going for.


2013 prom hairstyles are all about bangs. A fringe of bangs can change the look of a hairstyle drastically. Brushed straight down, curled under or even straight and to the side, that fringe of bangs will give you a whole new look. Many of the stars have been seen on the red carpet with a new trendy style showcasing bangs. These stars have seen just how versatile bangs can be.

Long Hair2013 Prom Hairstyle

Long sleek looks are very hot this prom. These styles are simple, elegant and low maintenance. Once you hair is done there isn’t really any up keep. Unless the weather is windy, your hair won’t need much in the way of touch ups. Maybe some light brushing of the ends to keep it smooth. Your bangs can be straight down or layered and parted to the side for a little more exotic look.


Prom UpdosNo matter what length your hair is there are countless up dos that can be a great choice for prom.  It softens many of the harsher looking up dos and makes them younger and fresher for a youthful prom look. With a slight under curl to the bangs they may blend a bit better than just hanging straight like with a down loose hairstyle.


Short HairstylesProm Short Hairstyle

Even short hairdos can be made better with a fringe. When parted just off center and swept to the side, leaving one side of the forehead bare, leaving the back straight and sleek giving the ends just a slight flip will give an elegant yet playful look that is perfect for a night of dancing.

A Touch of Color

Another hot trend for this year’s prom is color. Adding just a touch of color to your hair to match your dress gives a fun way to coordinate and bring your look all together.  Whether it is blue, red or even a touch of gold, just a bit on the tips or a touch here and there through out the hair will make an eye catching addition to your look. Also glitter in a color to coordinate with your dress adds sparkle and shine that will brighten your look and catch your date’s eye with every move.

Hair Accessories

Prom Hairstyle AccessoriesWith all the great accessories out there it is easy to make an up do that will be breathtaking. Whether it is an elegant comb or a sparkling bejeweled barrette, that one simple piece can make your whole look perfect. There are also many new accessories the can add lift and volume to your hair for whole new look.

So shop around, talk to your hairstylist, check out some of the looks of the celebrities and find what is perfect for you. A style that is comfortable, low maintenance and fits your personality is the 2013 prom hairstyle that you are looking for. And remember, if you keep it simple you’ll spend more time dancing and less time primping.